Acts like an umbrella, creating a fully searchable, time and place independent intranet.

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A time and place independent intranet

MY-LEX Intranet® can be searched entirely and is a time and place independent intranet. This intranet offers editorial options such as adding blogs, polls, notice-board and information pages. Relevant items on the intranet can be made available on the MY-LEX® Government dashboard through widgets, e.g. news, alerts or a daily meal menu. 



MY-LEX Intranet® offers the user an advanced, editorial intranet with a powerful search function.

MY-LEX Intranet® has a straightforward price structure based on the number of end-users (or residents).

Information from the intranet is always accessible through the product suite and will be presented in ‘Widgets’ on your own dashboard.

Our support department are on hand every day, to ensure the best customer service.

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