C-CONTENT has been an innovator in the field of information retrieval technology for 30 years. Originally our developments concentrated on indexing, retrieval and enterprise search. Since 2004, C-CONTENT focuses completely on the development of MY-LEX® universal content integration system and the content integration solutions based on this technology. More about Content Integration.

  • MY-LEX® Government is a content integration system developed specifically for Dutch governmental organizations.
  • Each website has a search bar to provide their visitors with access to all information on the website. Unfortunately, many of these search bars do not function properly.
  • An advanced and easy to use information system for your entire organization, with a focus on finding attributes (and locations) of objects.
  • MY-LEX Appliance® provides a turnkey solution for facilitating various MY-LEX® solutions within your own organization. The Appliance will be installed and maintained by C-CONTENT, taking workload off your organization.
  • With MY-LEX Devices® you can access your information anywhere, anytime and on the device of your preference, through native apps on mobile platforms such as iOS or Android. You can access all relevant public information as well as your organization’s internal sources on a tablet or smartphone.

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