• 21-10-2017

    C-CONTENT celebrates 30th Anniversary

    June 30th, 1987: the foundation of C-CONTENT. Now, 30 years later, we celebrate this day in the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch. The day starts with an inspiring tour of the beautiful museum. The history of the Province Brabant, the riches of and battles for the area where the possibilities were...
  • Ironman Maastricht 2017 competitor Jonas Hellqvist MYLex

    Jonas finishes Ironman Maastricht 2017

    On Sunday August 6, Jonas Hellqvist competed for MY-LEX® in the Ironman triathlon in Maastricht, the Netherlands. An enourmous challenge, consisting of 3.5 kilometers of open water swimming, 178 kilometers cycling and finishing with running a marathon. C-CONTENT sponsored the triathlete in the...
  • Ironman 2017 Maastricht Jonas Hellqvist

    C-CONTENT sponsors Ironman contestant in 2017

    When C-CONTENT came into contact with Jonas Hellqvist, we immediately felt a connection. Jonas is a young man (34) from Göteborg, Sweden, who has spent the past 5 years on a superhuman effort to become as fit as possible in order to be able to compete in one of the toughest sports there is: the...
  • C-CONTENT MY-LEX selfservice portaal topdesk

    Launch of our self-service portal

      We proudly announce our recent launch of our self-service portal on With this portal we increase the support options for our MY-LEX® Government clients. The self-service portal is part of our TOPdesk support system and is available for all MY-LEX® Government users....
  • 28-09-2016

    Launch of the new website

    Twelve years ago, when the concept of “Content Integration” was first introduced by C-CONTENT, we often needed to explain what it exactly meant. Today Content Integration and the various domain specific information portals built with MY-LEX®, have become well known entities. Tens of thousands of...


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