Content Integration

the process of collecting and providing access to all relevant (professional) information in a specific segment, through a single search system

  • "With MY-LEX® Government, we search and find information from multiple sources in one clear overview."
    Dick Beekman (Program Manager Working Digitally for Municipalities Deventer, Olst-Wijhe and Raalte)
  • "Finding the right information can be tedious and take a lot of time. MY-LEX® offers our employees a fast search engine with access to relevant information from various sources." 
    Renate van den Elzen (Senior Project Leader for Den Bosch Municipality)
  • “Since 2000, C-CONTENT has been assisting us to provide our clients with state of the art e-publications, in the last 6 years through a series of MY-LEX® based portals.”
    André Schaper (Director Elektronic Publications for Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt)
  • “MY-LEX® Government allows our municipality to retrieve information from different internal systems and external sources, all through one portal.”
    Mark Hoogland (Information advisor for Velsen Municipality)
  • “Since the implementation of MY-LEX® Government our employees immediately find what they are looking for: whether from internal systems or external sources. The advantages are obvious.”
    Bertus de Roo (Manager digital services for Enschede Municipality)
  • “C-CONTENT keeps its promises. The contact is direct and pleasant. We have not experienced this before to such a degree.”
    Hans Peters (Project leader for Haarlemmermeer Municipality)

Our products

  • MY-LEX® Government is a content integration system developed specifically for Dutch governmental...
  • Each website has a search bar to provide their visitors with access to all information on the...
  • An advanced and easy to use information system for your entire organization, with a focus on...

A selection of customers in the past 30 years.


C-CONTENT 30 years

  • Founder Matt M. Moayedi is involved in the development of the current production process of Compact Discs.
  • Start of the development of CD-ROM search software.
  • Founding Europe Optical Disc, the first CD-ROM factory in Europe, by Matt M. Moayedi.
  • Production of the first electronic publication of Elsevier Science: “Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs”.
  • CD-Europe introduces one of the first CD-ROM search software systems to the market, called CD-SEARCH®.
  • Müller Verlag (IT2Media) is the first European yellow pages publisher to produce directories on CD-ROM, with CD-Europe's search software.
  • Realisation of a series of first electronic publications in the Netherlands, a.o. for Sdu Publishers (Register Official Publications, up till now), VNG (LOCI) and NBLC (Literom).
  • Production of the first electronic publication for the United Nations division UNCTAD (World Trade Statistics).
  • Production of the “Results of the Uruguay Rounds” for the World Trade Organization in Geneva.
  • CD-Europe introduces "CD-Online" to the market; the first CD-ROM search software to be updated via an online connection.
  • Production of the first electronic publication for the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg (“Celex” (now EurLex) in 11 languages).
  • Production of TED online (European tenders) in 11 languages for the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg, Internet version  + 9.000 CD-ROMS a day.
  • Production of TED online (European tenders) in 11 languages for the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg, Internet version  + 9.000 CD-ROMS a day.
  • With the shifting of focus from offline to online development, the company's name changes from CD-Europe to C-CONTENT (“see” the “content” and not the publication platform).
  • The Dutch “National Yellow Pages” is published by "Gouden Gids" on 500.000 CD-ROMS using C-CONTENT search software.     
  • The Dutch "Van Dale" dictionary series is produced with C-CONTENT search software.
  • Development and delivery of a complete e-publication production platform for Wolters Kluwer Belgium for the production of dozens of online and CD-ROM titles (up till now).
  • Production of on and offline publications for the US Ministry of Defense (Defense Logistic System) in 13 languages including Korean.
  • After 4 years of development C-CONTENT launches eXtrect® (eXtensible Retrieval Technology); an XML based Enterprise Search Software system (up till now).
  • C-CONTENT starts the development of MY-LEX® universal content integration system and the first content integration solutions (up till now).
  • C-CONTENT introduces the first content integration system for the Dutch legal (and later tax and accountancy) market called (development up till now).
  • A consortium of national standards organizations from 24 countries changes to C-CONTENT's content integration system for their “Perinorm” standards platform (up till now).
  • C-CONTENT helps dozens of organizations to search in and retrieve their own content, combined with external (publisher & public) content in various content integration portals (up till now).
  • Demand for the legal/tax content integration system increases. This demand drives the supplier to the Top 7 position in the fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands.
  • C-CONTENT celebrates her 25th anniversary.
  • Following an equity transaction, Sdu publishers acquires 100% of the shares of Rechtsorde b.v. from C-CONTENT and the holding company.
  • C-CONTENT introduces a new corporate identity, fitting both her existing slogan 'turning content into capital' and her new content integration activities.
  • MY-LEX® Government becomes THE “information portal” for professionals in the (local) governmental organizations, allowing them immediate access to their required information.
  • An expansion of MY-LEX® with a 5-module product-suite: MY-LEX Maps®, MY-LEX Intranet®, MY-LEX Appliances®, MY-LEX WebFinder® and MY-LEX Devices®.
  • Introduction of a new MY-LEX® Government module for Dutch municipalities: MY-LEX® Social Domain. An information portal for both municipality employees and citizens.
  • C-CONTENT and Dimpact (Ducth organization) have agreed upon a collaboration. All 35 Dimpact member municipalities will start with the implementation of C-CONTENT's MY-LEX® Government and MY-LEX® Social Domain portals.
  • Launch of MY-LEX® Government version 5.0 during the Government 360 Congres in April.
  • MY-LEX Appliance® is being used as managed hardware solution by many Dutch municipalites.
  • C-CONTENT launces a new, clear website that focuses on their clients.
  • MY-LEX Social Domein signs an agreement with 12 joint municipalities (NL)
  • C-CONTENT and NedGraphics work together to implement a joint connection for their clients
  • C-CONTENT celebrates her 30-year existence on June 30, a unique feat in the ever changing world of IT

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